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Rita Swanson

I live in Santa Ana California. The Mother Earth Challenge inspired me to create a piece that revealed the hidden center core of burning lava that we all live on. Freeform crochet is a way for me to explore what can come from my hands and a hook if I use an overall idea but don't use detailed planning, structure or style. With this piece I started with the burning core and then added brown for dirt, green for surface growth and blue for sky.  My only other decision was when to stop and how to make it wearable. I searched everywhere for an earth globe button to use as a closure and to put on the burning center core to show how fragile life is. The search for the button was another delightful adventure into the world of collectible buttons. I found it at a local button collectors show. Once the mother earth piece was finished it reminded me of Van Gogh. Since I did not set out to do that, I feel it reflects all the research and reading that I have done on Van Gogh through out my life. Freeform is a wonderful way of exploring my sub conscience and to be surprised by it. Rita Swanson's Freeform Crochet Bracelet. Created for the Freeform Group Challenge 2013 theme Mother Earth.