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Rita Summers, Tasmania, Australia


Three generations of women (three handmade nails);

a hexagon template from my Australian mother-in-law;

the plastic rings I saved from the tops of milk bottles.

The spring from a broken plastic clothes peg;

simple embroidery and crochet stitches taught to me

by my Dutch mother and my American teacher.

Patchwork and quilting - remnants salvaged,

worn-out clothes re-used; every scrap saved;

beauty and warmth born out of poverty and thrift.

Donegal handwoven tweed; three leather buttons;

a broken silver ring (eternity/reality) -

gifts from my Tasmanian-born daughter.

Recycled woollen skirts; an op shop blanket;

my own plant-dyed, rusted wool and silk; blue buttons;

coffee-dyed cotton lace; my Canadian birth.

Symbolism and practicality; the art of making do;

nurture, birth, womanhood - month after month ;

the quiet fortitude of women of all ages.

The creative spirit driving us year by year,

not diminished, but enriched by endurance, tears

and busy hands - the guiding hands of the matriarchs.

28 circles (4 x7)  represent the passage of time and the reproductive cycle